Who Needs Steam? Install An Infrared Sauna.

275030An infrared sauna is an excellent choice over traditional Finnish (or hot rock) saunas for a number of reasons. They’re more efficient, easier to install, and less expensive to purchase. And since the health benefits of the two are basically the same, it’s clear why infrared saunas have cornered a significant portion of the home sauna market.

Sauna 101
It’s important to understand the benefits of a sauna in general before delving into the differences between infrared and traditional saunas. Whether infrared or Finnish (i.e. steam), the basic theory behind saunas is that when you raise your core body temperature to extreme temperatures, you sweat and in turn expel unhealthy toxins from the body.

Infrared vs. Hot Rock
Traditional saunas accomplish this feat by raising the temperature of the environment around you. Hence the heat and the steam. An infrared sauna, however, works on a different principle altogether. Infrared saunas take advantage of infrared heat, a form of invisible light wave that creates heat on all surfaces it comes in contact with (it’s why sunlight feels warm on your skin even on a cold day). An infrared heating element in the sauna produces

Backyard Pool Tips and Advice

1996754_ddetailThe first and often the easiest decision to make with a new backyard pool is whether you want an above-ground or in-ground pool. Most homeowners are already familiar with the added luxury and capability of an in-ground pool. Of course, it’s also not surprising to most homeowners that the average cost of an in-ground pool is substantially higher. How much higher? Well, that depends on the construction material. For a vinyl-lined in-ground pool, you might pay twice as much. For a fiberglass pool, you might pay four times as much. And, finally, for a concrete pool, you might pay six times as much as the typical above-ground pool installation. That said, a high-quality, in-ground, concrete pool is also likely to increase the value of your home in a way a basic above-ground pool never could.

Safety Advice for your Backyard Pool
If you have children and/or pets living in your neighborhood, safety is a life-and-death issue that must be taken seriously. Even the most conscientious parents must realize that they can’t keep an eyeball on their child at all times. Moreover, many municipalities require that you build a fence around your pool

Pool Covers Seal Up the Savings

install-swimming-pool-covers-and-accessories_300_200If you’re leaving the house for a few hours, do you simply leave the door open and unlocked? Of course not; your home is an investment that you need to keep protected from strangers and outdoor elements. But what about your exterior investments? Most of the time they can be stored and locked away in a garage or shed when not in use, except what about you biggest outdoor investment: your swimming pool or spa. Does it seem responsible just to leave this open water by itself without any kind of security? Just like locking a door, swimming pool covers will allow you to keep your property safe while you’re away.

Swimming pool covers come in several different forms, but all of them have one mission in mind: seal your water from outside intruders. Whether it is leaves, debris, dirt, or pesky neighbors and vandals, your investment will be protected. Plus, if you have small children or pets out in the backyard, there will no longer be any dangers of these helpless loved falling in. What’s more, most security covers are able to hold several adults at a time without any

Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has become more popular in recent years because it has almost no impact on the environment. There is also no waste in the manufacturing process. Following are some of the benefits of cork flooring. You can visit LeBlanc Floors & Interiors for more information.

Renewable – Flooring cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Since the tree is not cut down, it can produce cork that can be harvested for many years.

Healthy – Cork is anti-microbial in addition to being mold and mildew resistant. It does not emit any fumes or fibers that could impact the quality of the air.

Waterproof – Because it is waxy, it is waterproof and resistant to mildew and mold. This makes it suitable for any application, including bathrooms.

Durable – Cork flooring is impact-resistant and can last decades. Marks from furniture are not permanent because of its bouncy texture.

Fire Resistant – It takes very high temperatures for cork to melt or catch fire.

Insulating – Cork retains heat and absorbs sound so rooms with cork floors are warmer and quieter.

Versatile – Cork flooring comes in planks or tiles and a wide array of colors, making it suitable for any decor.


Denver Swimming Pool Maintenance

While swimming pools in the Mile Hile City aren’t as popular as in Phoenix or Miami, they aren’t exactly a scarcity, either. Even without 110 degree temperatures or 100 percent humidity, the Front Range can still get plenty hot in the summertime. And with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, some would say that the Denver metro area is perfectly suited to backyard, residential swimming pools. As fun as they are, however, swimming pools do come with some responsibility ? mainly keeping up with proper swimming pool maintenance in Denver.

The Importance of Denver Swimming Pool Maintenance
While your pool water might look sparkling and clear, it can actually be home to a host of irritants and contagions including bacteria, mold, algae, sunblock and suntan lotions, perspiration, and other human by-products (how many toddlers swim in your pool each week? Can you spell p-e-e?). When your chlorine levels drop too low or high, your pH levels go unregulated, or your pool’s pumps and filters fail to work properly, these unwanted contaminants can actually build up to unsafe levels, causing everything from eye and skin irritations to actual infections. And from a purely financial standpoint, poorly-maintained pool water can

Professional San Diego Swimming Pool Maintenance

Though you’ll probably forgo taking a dip in the pool over the winter months, it is likely that homeowners in southern California will have a pretty long season in which to enjoy a swimming pool. Maintenance in San Diego’s mild climate is, therefore, a nearly year round operation. Unlike pools in harsher areas of the country that must be closed in late fall and opened again in the spring to prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures, a pool owner in So Cal should, in most cases, be able to avoid this hassle. However, even when temperatures are too cool for pools, it’s a good idea to keep yours clean and the chemicals balanced so that it will be ready to go when warmer weather comes around.

DIY San Diego Swimming Pool Maintenance
Some people find that taking care of their pool is a job that they don’t mind doing themselves. Unlike doing dishes or dusting, maintaining a pool can be challenging, or even fun. Balancing chemicals and removing debris is certainly work, but many a pool owner takes pride in this job, making swimming in or relaxing by their perfect pool even more enjoyable.

Benefits of Professional San Diego Swimming Pool Maintenance

Get Maintenance-Free with a Fiberglass Pool

Everyone enjoys swimming, but it’s hard to enjoy public pools with all the screaming kids, the cost of entry, and who know what is in the water. Pools are supposed to be relaxing and soothing, something to do in order to get away from it all, but who can afford to put in a private pool. That’s just for the wealthy or hot-climate states, right? Wrong. Private pools are becoming more and more popular, and the more popular they are the more affordable they get.

However, do you want to have your backyard ripped up for weeks at a time; do you want to spend a lot of time maintaining pH levels and paying the extra money on more expensive energy bills? This is why fiberglass swimming pools are growing as the latest trend. Unlike traditional concrete pools which take weeks to install on-site, a fiberglass pool is pre-fabricated and can be put in your yard within days. The contractors simply have to excavate and dig and then since these pools are made of a light-weight material, they are simply craned into place. And though they may cost a bit more upfront, the savings you generate in the long-run are well

Spa Covers for Energy Efficiency

A spa cover is just another name for the insulating cover you place over the top of your hot tub when it isn’t in use. While it might seem an insignificant addition to your tub when compared to bubbles, jets, and the like, your spa cover is actually one of the most important components of your spa.

For starters, it provides insulation and reduces evaporation, both of which save you money in energy bills and water costs. Secondly, it provides a protective barrier over your spa, especially important if you have children running around. And finally, if you invest in the right model and extras, a good cover can greatly increase the convenience of using your spa, making soaking the main part of your spa experience, instead of wrestling with the cover.

Spa Covers Need to Be Replaced Regularly
One of the inconvenient truths of owning a spa is that your cover will begin to fail and need to be replaced on a regular basis, usually every 5 to 7 years. You’ll know when the time comes, as your cover starts to take on water and gain weight. Instead of easily lifting the cover off, and setting it aside, you’ll feel like